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Amber note

Oral intake: into the pill, scattered, 0.9 – 1.8 grams.
For external use: grind and sprinkle.
[with propriety]
“Materia Sutra”: “where the yin deficiency, fire water dry, urine due to less adverse person do not suit to the profit of the amber Museum, the loss of the yin.”
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Amber powder

[prescription] amber 22 grams (Xi Yan), 22 grams Atractylodes, angelica 22 grams (rasping, micro fried), bupleurum 30 grams (to shoot), 15 grams of Rhizoma Corydalis, safflower 15 grams, peony 15 grams, 15 grams of wood, Guangxi heart 15 grams, 22 grams of walnuts (soup dip, peeled, sharp, double kernel, bran fried yellow), 30 grams Biejia (coated vinegar to make the yellow skirt, Lan), red peony 15 grams.
[method] on the coarse scattered Luo dao.
[action] treat woman blood wind to gas, the lower abdomen pain, meridian is not adjustable, and gradually emaciation.
[usage] every time 12 grams, 300 ml of water, add 4 grams of ginger, 180 ml Jianzhi, dregs, fasting slightly hot clothes. Take three times daily.
[excerpt] “Taiping holy side” volume seventy

Fried Amber

[prescription] at the end of 6 grams of frankincense, nux prinsepiae (Research) 15 grams, 60 grams of talc, red lead, momordic (shell) 10, Huang Lianmo and fraxetin each 30 grams, willow, Huaizhi (and those of each of the 10 branches, Xingqing) (each branch is 4.5 cm long, white, honey) baicalin (to black) 120 grams.
[method] on the eleven flavor, the Huai, willow, ash, baicalin, talc and pestle broken to 600 milliliters of water, with the decoction to 400 ml, the rest of the dregs, frankincense, nux prinsepiae, red lead, momordic four flavor and honey with boil as amber, then with the medicine juice, and with Coptis Decoction to 250 ml, with cooked silk filter dregs, into the porcelain sealed, vertical in the bottom of the night, a fire.
[function] treatment wind poison eye, swollen red itching pain.
[usage] each copper chopsticks, with eye soreness for the degree.
[note] aoyao and avoid using iron drops.
[excerpt] “Shengji Zonglu,” volume four

The medicinal value of amber

For children all surprised, four cold, cold pestilence evil heat, causing restlessness, shortness of breath and cough sputum herpes, starting by: true amber, tabasheer, sandalwood, ginseng, Poria 32 powder grass, each one or two and a half, Fructus aurantii (fried gluten), citrus (fried gluten) two against one or two. Shui Feizhu sand 52, a pound of yam (file for small, slow fire heat through one or two), bile Arisaema, 100 tablets (to support gold foil paper, take medicine one or two see, with very fine mortar and pestle, still uniform prodrug at the end). The first twelve flavor, in addition to the research of cinnabar and gold, in 10 flavor, but nine sandalwood fire, smell or drying or baking, with the research to the end, and uniform, cinnabar, gold every two, take new water from wells one or two, heavy mortar with pestle into uniform, such as the size of a pill with mung bean. In the shade. With onion soup, clothes, hundreds of days baby every pill is divided into three cast, two years old or above, stop a pill or two pills. (living young heart book) amber holding dragon pill
Cure days convulsion convulsion: at the end of a pearl at the end of amber, a point at the end of half lead cinnabar, cream half, and a half at the end of Radix Paeoniae rubra. Mix it thoroughly, each serving a word, fried gold, silver, mint soup tune, no time. (general outline of pediatric hygiene) amber powder
Treat children fetal frightened: amber, windproof each one money, cinnabar half money. For the end, pig milk tune into a word, in the entrance. (ren Di directed Fang)
The treatment of children with fetal epilepsy: amber, a little cinnabar, a scorpion. For the end of Maimendong Decoction adjusting word service. (ren Di directed Fang)
Treatment of amnesia, false god insomnia: amber, antelope horn, white ginseng, tuckahoe, liquorice, etc. Yuan Zhi (system). For fine powder, pig blood and refined honey pill, Gorgon, gold foil. Take a pill every Dengxin soup, chewing under. (“Jing Yue book” Amber somnolency pill)
Don’t sleep after cure dysphoria: amber, pearl, and licorice a money, Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Coptidis each module, Zhu Shaer money. For late rice paste pills, such as corn big. Take thirty pills each time, after eating, under Maimendong decoction. (living heart Series) amber sedative pill)
Treatment of heart fire, moved into the small intestine to urinate or astringent pain or drench turbidity: amber a money, a money ASP five points, a five point Radix money, born five money, two money money two Salvia miltiorrhiza, paeonol, radix paeoniae rubra, Akebia a money, liquorice root five, Lophatheri twenty, Dengxin three feet. (medicine, wine, righteousness, amber, lead, red soup)

The effect and function of amber

Amber story

The legend of the Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun Simiao, a day out on the way to meet a female or herbs, after the family was sent to carry the coffin tomb buried in the coffin, little blood oozing. Sun Simiao looked at the drops of blood on the road, still bright red, and concluded that life is not complete. Rescue should be rushed. He advised the family being opened, the nostrils smoke immediately with safflower. Then filled with amber powder, not an hour later, the dead miraculously revived. That’s it. Magic amber to spread like wildfire, skill of Sun Simiao’s famous.
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